10 Healthy Foods for Quick Weight Loss

As life is becoming hectic, life schedules are getting disturbed. Drastic changes in lifestyle has led to disturbance in metabolism and digestion cycle of human being. To add up to all these problems fast food has entered into life which is full of carbs and fats and various family of fats.
If not completely fast food then restaurant visits or home deliveries to avoid hustle bustle of cooking at home has invited many health problems. After all these you tend to find kilos of fat hanging on your body and showing that bit with lot many health problems.

In order to avoid all health problems and cope up with day to day regular hectic life, you can make a little changes in diet you follow and lead a healthy life. Below is the list of simple diets that you can include in your diet plan and enjoy weight loss along with healthy body.

1) Water: You will be surprised to see water in list of diet plan but yes water is very much necessary constitution of human body. It helps keeping your skin hydrated, your entire system flowing and easy blood circulation with great digestive system.

For losing weight you have to increase water content take up by 15-20 glasses a day. Warm water with slight tint of lime with water thrice can help cut fat from body.

2) Salads: Adding salad in your diet can make you feel full and cut your craving for eating more. Salads comprise of carrots, beans, tomatoes, peppers, sprouts, onion, cucumbers, cabbage and many vegetables which you can eat raw.

These vegetables supply major requirements of minerals and vitamins and along with these a huge fiber content to boost metabolism and digestion process.

3) Fruits: Fruits such as apple, water melon, orange, cherries and grapes satisfy sugar craving and provides good content of sucrose which helps keep body running all day. Vitamin C, low sodium, and no cholesterol at all, high fiber content, folic acid and no calorie makes inclusion of fruits in your diet a mandate. Storing food in ideal temperatures is suggested to keep the freshness of some types of fruits.

4) Eggs: A healthy and heavy breakfast is a key to good weight loss plan. Eggs in your diet breakfast substitute protein, vitamin D, choline, folic acid, zinc which satisfies morning requirements to boost your energy level and regular body supplies.

5) Meat: Meat one more surprise but yes lean meat is very rich source in protein and protein rich food degrades fat. Just take care while selecting your red meal that it is lean meat. Red meat as many says increase cholesterol level but as researched lean meat is no source of fat and supplies major iron content required for body.

6) Chicken: Grilled chicken can be included in breakfast, dinner or lunch. It’s a rich source of protein and good muscle builder. Instead of going for chicken nuggets, fried chicken select chicken breast which are roasted, boiled or grilled.

7) Soups: Good and rich soups have always increased appetite of foodie people but beware when you are dieting to go for clear soups dumped with loads of veggies, chicken, turkey but no cream and oil. Including soups in lunch can make you fill easily full andprovides major nutrient contents required.

8) Roasted nuts and almonds: Since years nuts and almonds were considered as bad idea for dieting people but now researches have proved it to be the power house of nutritional ingredients and can supply all the energy required to carry on day to day work.

In fact roasted nuts and almonds help in raising good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol level and prevent heart diseases. It can prove to be a great brunch and can be included in evening snack time when you severely feel like having something. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, folic acid zinc, manganese and selenium are major nutrients supplied by roasted nuts.

9) Oats: Replacing breakfast with oats and light workout can lead you to cut those extra pounds quite easily. It’s proven that oats are very good to prevent heart diseases and maintaining cholesterol level of body.

Soluble fiber available in oats helps in good digestion. Good content of folic acid, manganese, folic acid and iron which is very much required for a pregnant or a lactating mother is available in oats.

10) Green tea: Including one more liquid to complete the food chart which is heavily and highly famous these days for losing weight and staying healthy. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and immunity boosters and have huge fame for including in weight loss diet.

So a complete platter of diet rich in nutrients and wholesome food is ready to serve you and now you have to decide on your picks. Remember cutting on carbs and protein rich food is key to weight loss but a complete diet full of nutrition with required calories is must for healthy living. So go on cut those kilos and pounds now.

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