10 Best Homemade Foods for dogs with Health Benefits

Keeping a pet dog is love of many people and they love their pets like anything. The way you care for your family members you start caring for your dogs. But somehow human body constitution and animals is completely different and same way requirements of food is also a vast difference.
Dogs basically are carnivores and tend to live better if fed with non-vegetarian food. Even they love to eat chicken and meat. So when selecting food for your pet you should keep their natural constitution in mind, even if you are a veggie.
One more point, that if you consider pet as your family member then you should take care of his health just like you do to yourself. This is a pointer statement to make you aware of not always giving packed or canned food to your dog then to prepare something for him as you do for your family.

Many a times it happens that dog food companies market their food as food for adult dog, food for puppy, food for weight loss but it depends on requirements of individual dog and not promotional tactics so giving him food as per the nutritional value and his requirements prove to be more beneficial and long life of your pet.

Homemade Foods for Dogs

We have explained below 10 Best Homemade foods for Dogs those are easy to make and are full of health benefits. You can read below the benefits and choose what is best for your dog.

1) White rice
. Yes, white rice is very much liked and digested by dogs. It provides carb requirements for active dogs and mixing it with curd can add to nutrition as well as taste


White rice

Benefits of white rice and yogurt:

White rice provides excellent carb requirements of your dog and is very easily digestible by dogs. And adding yogurt to it adds calcium and protein requirements. You can even use this diet when your dog is having upset stomach or digestion problem to make him feel good and light.

2) Chicken.
Chicken is a great source of protein for him. Don’t remove skin and bones while feeding them. Giving a light boil along with skin and bones can make a change in taste for him. You can even add chicken with rice.



Benefits of chicken :

Chicken is a rich source of protein and weekly inclusion of chicken in food chart will lead to lustrous fur of your pet.

3) Red meat: Red meat again is rich source of protein and fat contents present in it can combat with energy requirements of your pet.


Red meat

Benefits of red meat: Protein rich food but here balancing is required for maintaining proportion of diet as it can lead to speedy weight gain so food chart should be set in such a way whether it is for Chihuahua or Labrador. Pomerania might need a bitty slice of it. Amino acids in meat can build good muscles of your furry buddy. It fulfills vitamin B requirements which controls body metabolism.

4) Eggs : Eggs can be semi boiled and crushed with shells and good quantity of eggs are required to satisfy their hunger.



Benefits of eggs: Eggs are rich in protein and there shell together provides good quality calcium. If your dog is under training and working hard then eggs can prove to be very nutritional treat. Selenium and riboflavin are other important ingredients found in egg useful for good metabolism.

5) Fish: Select some fatty fishes for your dog’s food chart. Never forget to boil it before feeding as sometimes bacteria present in it can lead to allergic reactions in dogs.



Benefits of fish: Fishes are good source of omega 3 fatty acids, very much required for maintenance of hair and skin. It provides good immunity and tends to increase immunity against allergies prevalent in dogs

6) Raw veggies: You can always throw your chopping extras in front of your dogs and definitely they will enjoy catching and eating it.


Raw veggies

Benefits of raw veggies: Vegetables are rich in vitamins, fibers, minerals. Feeding veggies regularly can maintain their metabolism and provide nutritive requirements with good digestion.

7) Oats: Oats are equally good for human as well as pets.



Benefits of oats: Considering oats for your pet’s diet means providing him more of soluble fiber.
Oats should be semi cooked or boiled before feeding dog. Its alternate source of grain for dogs who are allergic to it and can prove to be a good diet for elderly buddies.

8) Flax seed: Flax seeds can be ground at home and can be added with any of the diets mentioned above. Remember to store it in airtight container.


Flax seed

Benefits of flax seed: It’s a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid and it’s very much required for good skin texture and healthy fur.

9) Fruits: Never ever forget to enroll fruits in your furry buddies diet.



Benefits of fruits: Rich source of vitamins and fiber, good for digestion and can maintain a proper balance in diet chart.

10) Yeast: Yeast that is well crushed and left over of any alcohol industry is a tasty treat for dogs. They love the taste of yeast.



Benefits of Yeast: Full of vitamin B family and it’s very good for fur and skin. It is strictly not the one used at home but left over alcohol yeast.

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