Best Bedside Commodes (2017)



Bedside commodes provide a good way for patients or loved ones to relieve themselves should they have mobility issues that make going to the bathroom impossible.  We have reviewed a few bedside commodes that are designed for people of different weights – there is something for everyone’s needs.  The more popular models include commodes from brands like Medline, Drive medical and Nova.  Of the three, we’ve been most impressed by the Drive Medical Bedside Commode. It is easy to assemble while impressively solid. It’s a perfect option as a backup commode for some seniors. It’s also foldable which makes it a good portable option should an elderly or infirmed patient need to travel.

Bedside Commode Guide

The commodes we have reviewed below are basically portable toilets that are designed to be easily accessible for anyone with mobility issues. This is especially useful for people who suffer from acute arthritis or people recovering from severe injury. Typically, these bedside commodes feature a sturdy metal or aluminum frame with a tub in the middle that holds the waste – these are usually easily removable and cleaned.


What Customers Are Saying About Bedside Commode Chairs

  • Most users require portability and ease of stowage. Most prefer tool-less disassembly.
  • A removable waste receptacle is important, users found that it is equally important for them to stay securely in place to avoid unfortunate spills and accidents.
  • Because the waste receptacle is removable, they can position the chair above a toilet. This makes it useful for patients with limited flexibility and unable to sit on toilet seat
  • It is important to take note of the weight capacity of the commode. Especially for larger or overweight users this detail is very important. It is important to note the sitting area of the commode to ensure maximum comfort.


How Realistic Is Aging At Home For Senior Citizens?

Seniors often want to continue living in their own homes as they grow older. Their homes obviously hold sentimental value and they only wish to live out their lives there. A survey demonstrated that people who prefer to continue living in their current residence is at 90%. Unfortunately most seniors have very specific medical needs, and it may not be a viable option for most of them.


A government survey has found that 70% of people who are aged 65 and above need a comprehensive long term care plan. While most of these seniors may have family not all of them are financially capable of shouldering the cost of a personal nurse. These expenses can reach into the thousands and is not covered by medicare. Most of them also have serious ailments that necessitates expensive equipment that are beyond the reach of common folk. This means most of them have to move out to a much cheaper assisted living facility.


Ailments like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson or strokes require a lot of personalized medical care. A lot of these are hospital grade equipment that families and other homecare providers are unable to provide.

Falls are the leading causes of visits to the ER by senior citizens. They also constitute the majority of accidental deaths of seniors over the age of 65. Making sure that you minimize the fall risk in a seniors home can be an effective long term preventative strategy for ensuring the health of your senior. You need to plan ahead if you want to ensure that they can age in place comfortably.


Drive Medical bedside Commode

This commode is made out of welded steel. Tester characterized it as tough and durable. Portability is and storage is not an issue since the structure can be folded flat in a few seconds. To add more comfort and some grip points, they added plastic arms on both sides of the commode. Also included with the commode is a 7.5 quart capacity commode bucket. The commode bucket has a cover and a built in carry handle. You need to take care with attaching the commode bucket as we found that if improperly placed, the bucket can easily fall through. It is designed to carry loads of up to 350 pounds and posteriors as wide as 13.5 inchs across.

Nova Medical Folding commode

The Nova Medical folding commode is similar to the Drive Medical Commode. They’re equally as versatile and both can fold and unfold in seconds without any other complication. With its removable commode bucket, it can easily be used as a bedside commode or as an elevated seat for low toilets. It can accept loads of up to 300 lbs. The seat height can easily be adjusted from 16 inches up to 23 inches. The width from arm to arm is around 18 inches. The removable commode bucket also includes a lid and a splashguard. As always, everything is tool-less.

The Medline Steel Commode

This is a feature packed commode. The top part built out of steel too which makes it tough and sturdy. Ergonomics were taken into consideration when designing the seat – putting importance on comfort and ease of use. The arm rest and the back is pretty comfortable. The legs are made out of aluminum which helps keep down weight and keeps rust away. It also features non-skid rubber feet to make sure it doesn’t move out of place. The height is also adjustable from 16 to 22.5 inches. The removable commode bucket has a capacity of 10 quarts and also has a splash shield and a lid.

Invacare Steel Commode

The Invacare steel commode shares the same features as the other commodes we have reviewed. It too is extremely versatile. You can use this as a bedside commode or an alternative toilet seat. It has one of the larger seats among the commodes tested (16 inches wide) It also has a lid, arm rests and an ergonomically designed back rest. The height can be adjusted from 23 to 20 inches from a base that is 25 inches wide. The great thing about this commode is that it has a 5 year limited warranty. Overall it is a good choice if you want good value for your money.

The Drive Medical Drop Arm Bedside Commode

The Drive medical drop arm bedside commode is the most versatile commode we have on hand. It can double as a toilet seat or a safety toilet frame. It is easily assembled in 4 steps and can be stowed away pretty quickly. It features padded back and armrests. The removable commode bucket has a 12 quart capacity, a splash shield and a built in easy carry handle. Leg height is adjusted via a toggle button. The seat is 23.75 inches wide and the height from floor to top of the seat back is 35” the width from arm to arm is 19 inches. The Drop arm bedside commode can easily handle  a person up to 300 pounds


10 Best Homemade Foods for dogs with Health Benefits

Keeping a pet dog is love of many people and they love their pets like anything. The way you care for your family members you start caring for your dogs. But somehow human body constitution and animals is completely different and same way requirements of food is also a vast difference.
Dogs basically are carnivores and tend to live better if fed with non-vegetarian food. Even they love to eat chicken and meat. So when selecting food for your pet you should keep their natural constitution in mind, even if you are a veggie.
One more point, that if you consider pet as your family member then you should take care of his health just like you do to yourself. This is a pointer statement to make you aware of not always giving packed or canned food to your dog then to prepare something for him as you do for your family.

Many a times it happens that dog food companies market their food as food for adult dog, food for puppy, food for weight loss but it depends on requirements of individual dog and not promotional tactics so giving him food as per the nutritional value and his requirements prove to be more beneficial and long life of your pet.

Homemade Foods for Dogs

We have explained below 10 Best Homemade foods for Dogs those are easy to make and are full of health benefits. You can read below the benefits and choose what is best for your dog.

1) White rice
. Yes, white rice is very much liked and digested by dogs. It provides carb requirements for active dogs and mixing it with curd can add to nutrition as well as taste


White rice

Benefits of white rice and yogurt:

White rice provides excellent carb requirements of your dog and is very easily digestible by dogs. And adding yogurt to it adds calcium and protein requirements. You can even use this diet when your dog is having upset stomach or digestion problem to make him feel good and light.

2) Chicken.
Chicken is a great source of protein for him. Don’t remove skin and bones while feeding them. Giving a light boil along with skin and bones can make a change in taste for him. You can even add chicken with rice.



Benefits of chicken :

Chicken is a rich source of protein and weekly inclusion of chicken in food chart will lead to lustrous fur of your pet.

3) Red meat: Red meat again is rich source of protein and fat contents present in it can combat with energy requirements of your pet.


Red meat

Benefits of red meat: Protein rich food but here balancing is required for maintaining proportion of diet as it can lead to speedy weight gain so food chart should be set in such a way whether it is for Chihuahua or Labrador. Pomerania might need a bitty slice of it. Amino acids in meat can build good muscles of your furry buddy. It fulfills vitamin B requirements which controls body metabolism.

4) Eggs : Eggs can be semi boiled and crushed with shells and good quantity of eggs are required to satisfy their hunger.



Benefits of eggs: Eggs are rich in protein and there shell together provides good quality calcium. If your dog is under training and working hard then eggs can prove to be very nutritional treat. Selenium and riboflavin are other important ingredients found in egg useful for good metabolism.

5) Fish: Select some fatty fishes for your dog’s food chart. Never forget to boil it before feeding as sometimes bacteria present in it can lead to allergic reactions in dogs.



Benefits of fish: Fishes are good source of omega 3 fatty acids, very much required for maintenance of hair and skin. It provides good immunity and tends to increase immunity against allergies prevalent in dogs

6) Raw veggies: You can always throw your chopping extras in front of your dogs and definitely they will enjoy catching and eating it.


Raw veggies

Benefits of raw veggies: Vegetables are rich in vitamins, fibers, minerals. Feeding veggies regularly can maintain their metabolism and provide nutritive requirements with good digestion.

7) Oats: Oats are equally good for human as well as pets.



Benefits of oats: Considering oats for your pet’s diet means providing him more of soluble fiber.
Oats should be semi cooked or boiled before feeding dog. Its alternate source of grain for dogs who are allergic to it and can prove to be a good diet for elderly buddies.

8) Flax seed: Flax seeds can be ground at home and can be added with any of the diets mentioned above. Remember to store it in airtight container.


Flax seed

Benefits of flax seed: It’s a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid and it’s very much required for good skin texture and healthy fur.

9) Fruits: Never ever forget to enroll fruits in your furry buddies diet.



Benefits of fruits: Rich source of vitamins and fiber, good for digestion and can maintain a proper balance in diet chart.

10) Yeast: Yeast that is well crushed and left over of any alcohol industry is a tasty treat for dogs. They love the taste of yeast.



Benefits of Yeast: Full of vitamin B family and it’s very good for fur and skin. It is strictly not the one used at home but left over alcohol yeast.

10 Healthy Foods for Quick Weight Loss

As life is becoming hectic, life schedules are getting disturbed. Drastic changes in lifestyle has led to disturbance in metabolism and digestion cycle of human being. To add up to all these problems fast food has entered into life which is full of carbs and fats and various family of fats.
If not completely fast food then restaurant visits or home deliveries to avoid hustle bustle of cooking at home has invited many health problems. After all these you tend to find kilos of fat hanging on your body and showing that bit with lot many health problems.

In order to avoid all health problems and cope up with day to day regular hectic life, you can make a little changes in diet you follow and lead a healthy life. Below is the list of simple diets that you can include in your diet plan and enjoy weight loss along with healthy body.

1) Water: You will be surprised to see water in list of diet plan but yes water is very much necessary constitution of human body. It helps keeping your skin hydrated, your entire system flowing and easy blood circulation with great digestive system.

For losing weight you have to increase water content take up by 15-20 glasses a day. Warm water with slight tint of lime with water thrice can help cut fat from body.

2) Salads: Adding salad in your diet can make you feel full and cut your craving for eating more. Salads comprise of carrots, beans, tomatoes, peppers, sprouts, onion, cucumbers, cabbage and many vegetables which you can eat raw.

These vegetables supply major requirements of minerals and vitamins and along with these a huge fiber content to boost metabolism and digestion process.

3) Fruits: Fruits such as apple, water melon, orange, cherries and grapes satisfy sugar craving and provides good content of sucrose which helps keep body running all day. Vitamin C, low sodium, and no cholesterol at all, high fiber content, folic acid and no calorie makes inclusion of fruits in your diet a mandate. Storing food in ideal temperatures is suggested to keep the freshness of some types of fruits.

4) Eggs: A healthy and heavy breakfast is a key to good weight loss plan. Eggs in your diet breakfast substitute protein, vitamin D, choline, folic acid, zinc which satisfies morning requirements to boost your energy level and regular body supplies.

5) Meat: Meat one more surprise but yes lean meat is very rich source in protein and protein rich food degrades fat. Just take care while selecting your red meal that it is lean meat. Red meat as many says increase cholesterol level but as researched lean meat is no source of fat and supplies major iron content required for body.

6) Chicken: Grilled chicken can be included in breakfast, dinner or lunch. It’s a rich source of protein and good muscle builder. Instead of going for chicken nuggets, fried chicken select chicken breast which are roasted, boiled or grilled.

7) Soups: Good and rich soups have always increased appetite of foodie people but beware when you are dieting to go for clear soups dumped with loads of veggies, chicken, turkey but no cream and oil. Including soups in lunch can make you fill easily full andprovides major nutrient contents required.

8) Roasted nuts and almonds: Since years nuts and almonds were considered as bad idea for dieting people but now researches have proved it to be the power house of nutritional ingredients and can supply all the energy required to carry on day to day work.

In fact roasted nuts and almonds help in raising good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol level and prevent heart diseases. It can prove to be a great brunch and can be included in evening snack time when you severely feel like having something. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, folic acid zinc, manganese and selenium are major nutrients supplied by roasted nuts.

9) Oats: Replacing breakfast with oats and light workout can lead you to cut those extra pounds quite easily. It’s proven that oats are very good to prevent heart diseases and maintaining cholesterol level of body.

Soluble fiber available in oats helps in good digestion. Good content of folic acid, manganese, folic acid and iron which is very much required for a pregnant or a lactating mother is available in oats.

10) Green tea: Including one more liquid to complete the food chart which is heavily and highly famous these days for losing weight and staying healthy. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and immunity boosters and have huge fame for including in weight loss diet.

So a complete platter of diet rich in nutrients and wholesome food is ready to serve you and now you have to decide on your picks. Remember cutting on carbs and protein rich food is key to weight loss but a complete diet full of nutrition with required calories is must for healthy living. So go on cut those kilos and pounds now.

8 Foods You can Eat to Increase Blood Production in the Body

Red blood cells constitute a major element of human blood, which is a transporter of different essential substances to the various organs of the body. Their role is to circulate oxygen to the tissues of the body and receive carbon dioxide in return, which is then transported to and annihilated by the lungs.


If our body lacks adequate strong red blood cells and is low in Hemoglobin, a chief constituent of red blood cells, the cells in the body will not receive enough oxygen and will not be able to function in a proper manner. It can also result in the generation of Anaemia, which is a very common blood-deficiency disease and affects millions of people all over the world.



Consumption of foods rich in iron, copper and various vitamins stimulate an increase in the production of red blood cells and prevent the chances of a deficiency in Hemoglobin.


Beetroot generates a four-fold increase in the oxygen uptake of red blood cells. It contains a considerable quantity of iron, which improves the flow of blood in the body and the capacity of the red blood cells or the erythrocytes to transport oxygen. It assists in manufacturing healthy and strong red blood cells and also helps in maximizing the quantity of oxygen being delivered by the red blood cells. Beetroot juice contains iodine, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, protein, and vitamins P, C, B2, BC and Bi, all of which help in the improvement and increase of red blood cell production. Eating beetroot has been found to be a very effective and healthy way to boost the growth of red blood cells.


Almonds contain a high quantity of iron and are rich in copper, which, if consumed in sufficient quantities, and when combined with vitamins and iron, fuels the red blood cell production in the body. Hundred grams of almonds contain nearly 1.15mg of copper which is a fairly high percentage and thus, helps in stimulating the creation of new red blood cells. Patients suffering from blood-deficiency diseases are advised by doctors to include almonds in their diet.


Red meat can play an effective role in preventing iron deficiency and increasing red blood cell production in the body as it is one of the finest sources of dietary iron. The iron content in red meat constitutes a part of a molecule named ‘heme’, which is absorbed more readily by our body than the other forms of this molecule. A 3-ounce serving of red meat such as beef contains about 2.5 milligrams of iron, whereas organ meats like beef heart and liver contain even higher amounts. If your diet includes animal-based foods, you can add red meat in your meals to certify that your body contains sufficient quantities of iron and healthy red blood cells.


Both fresh and cooked peas, like other green vegetables, are rich in iron content and other nutrients. Moreover, it is quite easy to include these succulent vegetables in your meals and diet. It has been observed that merely half a cup of peas provides roughly 7% of the regular prescribed value of iron. You can cook peas as a side dish or can include them in your main course and regular diet.


It has been suggested by researchers studying the health benefits of soybeans,that eating soybeans can improve the red blood cell fabrication in the body and that ferritin found in soybeans is a highly utilizable source of iron. Soybeans which are high in ferritin increase the expected iron absorption by more than 15% and thus are a very good source of nutritional iron in people who are deficient in it. Eating soybeans daily can help in improving the level of iron in the body which is essential for maintaining healthy and strong red blood cells.


Seafood like clams and oysters are an excellent source of iron. Clams have a higher iron content, with three ounces of shellfish providing about 23.8mg of iron. Clams are also a chief source of Vitamin B12 and potassium, both of which are necessary for the absorption of iron. This superfood can be eaten raw as well as cooked in a clam chowder and is beneficial to people suffering from iron deficiency. Oysters are also a principal source of Vitamin B12. Three ounces of oysters contain around 10.2mg of iron. It can be eaten both cooked and raw and is a very popular iron rich food.


Vitamin C can expand the absorption of the inorganic iron form known as non-heme iron which is found in plant food. Eating food which is rich in vitamin C is a very effective way to increase the iron content in the body. Citrus fruits like grape-fruits, tangerine, kiwi fruit, cantaloupes and strawberries are high in vitamin C. Vegetables containing a huge amount of vitamin C include tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, cabbage and leafy green vegetables like spinach and turnip greens. Fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits generally have a higher vitamin C content than canned ones.


Folic acid is a group B vitamin which is very essential for the production and healthy growth of red blood cells. As our body does not preserve a sufficient amount of folic acid, it requires a continual fresh supply of it to remain healthy.

Deficiency of folic acid can result in Anaemia and other blood-deficiency diseases. Folic acid is found in bananas, oranges, peach, egg yolk, chicken giblets, lentils and dried beans, as well as wheat flour and wholegrain breads. If your diet includes a considerable amount of vitamin C, you should add a higher quantity of folic acid to your diet as vitamin C makes your body excrete Folic acid.